Urgent Notice to Event VENDORS and ORGANIZERS

Tampa Bay Locals is constantly scouring a growing number of sources to aggregate the many events of all kinds that happen on a daily basis around the Tampa Bay area. In this relentless pursuit, we have recently noticed a pretty concerning issue happening more often lately, especially in Facebook event comment sections and discussion threads.

Scammers are placing comments in the discussion section of the official event page, or commenting in the comment section of “sponsored” posts that advertise an event. The scammer claims to be the official event planner or vendor liaison for the event.

Example of a post from a scammer on Facebook.

The scammer also states that all vendor applicants should contact them directly to fill out a vendor application and work out vendor fee payments. This, of course, is all a ruse to get the applicant vendor’s money who assumes they are signing up to vend an event!

Event organizers, PLEASE monitor your comment sections! In your social media accounts, event listings, and advertisements! These scammers take advantage of the delay in response to moderate these fraudulent posts, so this is something you have to keep up with! Of course, you could turn off commenting on some of these instances, but then that unfortunately cuts down on valuable feedback and public interactions within your content. That’s something you’ll have to determine for yourself.

I would also advise that Vendors stay well aware of this situation, and seek communication directly with event organizers through official channels listed in the event’s official channels. Comment sections are not safe!

Unfortunately I have seen a few vendors fall for this scam. So please be aware of this technique and spread the word and share this with others!

Vendors and Performers, go sign up! — Event Organizers, submit a Vendor Seek query!

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